Welcome to the Programming language c.

This is a program for all the beginner. It is a simple program to understand at any age. You  may use a Compiler to compile this program; most common compiler for the young generation is Code Blocks. You may get software form this site, http://www.codeblocks.org absolutely free .

OK let’s go………..

#include <stdio.h>

 int main()


    printf (“Hello World\n”);

    return 0;



Explanation :
#include <stdio.h> is a Header file.

int main() is a function who declared that it’s a integer number.

Printf is also a function who declared “Hello World\n” to show as an out put.
At last return 0; mean this program return value is zero (0)




About Bappy Thouhidul

Hello! everyone !! I'm Bappy Thouhidul. Living in Dhaka,Bangladesh.Working as a student of Computer Science and Engineering at Southeast University,Dhaka. Loving to do Coding.Coding is also my passion.
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